Our Team

Our Mission At Avalanche Pest Solutions Amarillo TX

The Avalanche Pest Solutions team consists of educated, licensed experts who know how to address practically every situation that arises when unwanted insects invade your house.

Our Mission Statement: “To be recognized by our clients and peers as being the finest at what we do.”

We have never compromised grade or service as we have always done our best to meet our mission statement. We also know that our reputation is being developed every day, and we can never rest in our quest to continue to be recognized as the best at what we do.

Charles Bass

(Business Owner)

Charles Bass is the President of Avalanche Pest Solutions and currently sits as a Board of directors for the National Pest Management Association. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. With the help of other colleagues, they made Charles understand that the state needs a reliable pest control company and trustworthy. He used to work a desk job, because of his hard work, he is now the president of his own company! His hobbies include collecting road bikes. 

Alexis Bass

(Marketing Manager)

Alexis Bass is the second daughter of Charles Bass. In the beginning, she doesn’t intend to work for Avalanche Pest Solutions. However, Charles convinced him to accept the position as her stepping stone. Alexis has been in Avalanche for more than four years, where he met his husband, our content writer. During her free time, Alexis does her best to contribute to the betterment of the healing of our world. She has now practiced zero waste since 2019 up to this day.


David Kane


For David Kane, writing is not merely producing grammatically correct content, though that’s a high priority. For him, writing is telling your story. It sells your brand and delivers compelling content that moves your audience to action. David’s professionalism is impeccable. He makes our blogs and website content look perfect. He assures us that viewers are always interested in reading his content. Ever since he married Alexis, his point of view in life changed. He also now practices zero waste movement with his wife. 

Kirk Herring

(Service Technician)

Admittedly, being a service technician is not for everyone. If you’re anti-social, this job is not for you. However, Kirk Herring, our Mosquito Control Amarillo TX expert, is Avalanche’s own social butterfly. We are in awe when he is working because he takes care of our clients while taking care of their problems. That’s what we like about him. He always sees something good in ordinary moments. Whenever he’s not working, he takes care of his children at home while watching their favorite movies or playing house with them. 

Floyd Messick

(Service Technician)

As a licensed pest control technician, one needs to take responsibility for every move he or she makes. For Floyd Messick, our Bird Control Amarillo TX expert is meticulous when working. He does not like sloppy work, so he does his best to employ every comprehensive plan for the client to make sure no birds will come back to their property. He is an online pastor during Sundays and belongs to an e-group that he loves. He preaches the word of God at work as well and shares the gospel weekly.

George Wright

(Service Technician)

George Wright is a single father of a blind three-year-old child. After his wife passed three years ago, he went to Avalanche and asked for a career. Luckily, we have an open job: a service technician who is an expert in Rodent Control Amarillo TX. It was literally fate for him because he has a background in rodent control. After all, he is a trained and licensed pest control expert. He is more than thankful for Avalanche because his job helped him get back on track with his life.