Pest, Insect, Animal, And Bird Control Projects Done By Avalanche Pest Solutions Amarillo TX

Welcome to our gallery! Here, you’ll see amazing projects performed by Avalanche Pest Solutions in Amarillo, TX. Serving Amarillo and neighboring areas, Avalanche Pest Solutions provides outstanding residential and commercial pest control services, while providing exceptional customer care. Due to their intensive training, our experienced exterminators can handle even the most complicated pest problems. They are committed to the consistent delivery of excellent service, guaranteeing our customers lasting solutions and peace of mind.

Spider Control Project On Alice St, Amarillo TX

Mr. Louis noticed some black shiny spiders in his garage. He suspected they could be black widow spiders, so he called for our help. Our Spider Control Amarillo TX Exterminators arrived quickly at Louis home on Alice St. Amarillo, TX. After a comprehensive inspection, we located all spider hideouts and discovered a heavy infestation in his garage with some black widow spiders. Using specialized techniques and sprays, we eradicated all spiders and webs and sealed up possible reentry points.

Raccoon Control Project On Lyles St, Amarillo TX

Raccoons had invaded Ms. Alexis’ basement. At night, she could hear their squeaking, shuffling, and hissing. When our Raccoon Removal Amarillo TX team arrived at Alexis’ on Lyles St. Amarillo, TX, we inspected her home and discovered that the raccoons had entered her basement through the furnace chimney. Using live baits, we trapped and removed the raccoons, cleaned up all raccoon droppings, and thoroughly disinfected the basement. We then covered the furnace chimney by installing approved chimney caps.

Ant Control Project On Clyde St, Amarillo TX

We performed another interesting Ant Control Amarillo TX job in Ms. Theresa’s home in Clyde St. Amarillo, TX. The frequent ant trails Ms. Theresa noticed outside her homemade her uncomfortable. As we inspected her home, we discovered some decaying fences that were infested with carpenter ants. We placed carpenter ant baits along a foraging trail. Ants ate the baits and took some back to their nest, eliminating the entire colony. We also repaired the fences and applied insecticide around the perimeter of her house.